Is it possible to have an "Accidental" kiss?

This guy I like has a habit of cupping my chin and making me kiss his cheek. He did this to me yesterday but at the last second his head kind of turned and it ended up being a real kiss on the lips. He didn't seem upset he just asked, "Why did you kiss me?" In a somewhat curious tone. I'm not exactly sure what caused his head to turn and it has left me wondering, was the kiss "Accidentally on purpose" ? Is it possible he turned his head because he wanted to kiss me? Please help!


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  • I think he likes you somehow. If he's touchy-touchy, maybe you should ask for some space, but also become good friends with him. I've known plenty of best friends who have gotten together over the years. Perhaps it was instinct. You saw an opening to lunge in for the thing you found to take the most bravery in a relationship, and you did it. Congrats for that. However, perhaps he did want to kiss you. Maybe he wasn't doing it in that moment, but he had been pondering the thought.

    I bet you really like this guy--a lot--to have enough bravery and vigor to make that endeavor. I think you should build up a friendly relationship, get more into his personal life, share secrets, and, most importantly, be loyal to one another. Know if he's trusting. Soon, when you do make another move, or, who knows, he might!--try and wait it out. You will get anxious, but good things happen to those who wait.

    It's a good thing that he didn't take the offensive and wasn't angered at your accidental kiss. That's a sign that he doesn't mind you having done so. There's a chance. Cling to it, and your wish will come true.

    Hope I helped!


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  • Okay if this guy wants you kissing his cheek, that's like a gateway kiss, he probably defiantly wanted to kiss you. The way he did it was kind of odd but still he got you to kiss him. He was probably to scared to actually kiss you so he though he'd make it look like it was all your doing or something. And he probably asked you that hoping you would tell him you liked him or something. Very strange but my vote would be no this was no accident he wanted you to kiss him. So maybe you should just wait and see if it happens again or if you do like him, Id say just kiss him. Good luck.

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