Random texts from a douchebag.

This guy and I liked one another for months but he never wanted to actively date me. I dated someone else for a couple of months, and when that ended he was there. We made out for the first time a few weeks ago, and after that he sent me a short text. I replied and he didn't respond. The next day he said I didn't seem too into him (we made out for three hours!) and he virtually disappeared. He bailed on an event he'd promised to help me with two days before the event, and I didn't hear from him for two weeks. He texted me today asking how the event went and I let him have it. This guy is an obvious douchebag and never apologized for anything. Why would he think it was okay to text me out of the blue about something he bailed on? He's OBVIOUSLY not getting anything else from me but I just can't understand this behavior!


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  • He thinks he's a badass. You explained it pretty good "HES A DOUCHEBAG". The problem with girls these days is they can never find the nice guys and end up with douchebags.


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