GIRLS: how do you feel about a man paying for the 1-3 dates? Be honest

If you really do or have dated guys just a nice dinner, you can fess up. It's anonymous. But really how do you REALLY feel about guys paying for meals.


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  • it feels really nice, but I never expect him to pay for me I p\y my own or if he insits on paying I pay for the next meal

  • feels OK , well in our country it's normal that guys pays for our meals maybe it's kinda traditional, sign of respect to a girl... but when u'r dating for so long usually they share the bills but it depends on a guy.

    • what country are you from? I just went a road trip with my indian friend who picked up two young girls from kazakstan. I was worried about spending too much (and being "friend zoned") and my fears were confirmed. They didn't offer to pay for one cent. They didn't say thank you at all. If they were sleeping with us (and they turned us both down) it would be a different story. But when I think of "friends" I think of "splitting bills".

    • from the philippines, when a man is dating and courting a girl the man usually pay bills for the woman, when u'r out with a friend ofcourse splitting bills.

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