Our date was great! but that was three weeks ago! now he just texts me a joke every day or two days! wtf!

We are both 45, met on online dating ,we have both now come off of the site. He is a Policeman and before our date he text me constantly. I went there to see him and we spent five hours together,in which time he constantly looked into my eyes,held my hand,linked arms with me,asked me for a kiss,he talked of future dates and I thought we got on really well.That was three weeks ago! since the date he just sends me a joke or two every day or other day. I asked him if he is free Saturday he said he is working ,so I think he is not that interested and I stop texting him,then he says hey you OK ? and more jokes!Why does he not tell me when he is free or have a conversation with me if he is that interested? and why the jokes? I just don't get it!

As an update a friend suggested I text him and ask him if he just wanted to be friends or was interested in having a relationship. I text him at 11pm this morning , seven hours ago ...he has not replied! I don't play games and am just very confused by his behavior but I have given up now , I can only come to the conclusion that he is not that interested and I don't want him to think I'm being a nuisance and although he may not have intended to make me feel like that...well,thats how I feel


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  • If he hasn't asked you out three weeks after your most recent date, he's either not ready for a relationship, or he's not interested. I would move on.

    • Thank you for replying. My feeling is he is not that interested but I am confused by the text jokes he keeps sending? why text anything?why don't he just stop then?

    • He might be more interested in a friend or companion than a relationship.

    • Thanks again for responding. I'm thinking I will just ignore his text jokes although I have tried this for two days and he texts hey hows u?,why so quiet? think I will just give it up then if he is thinking of it as a friendship. I'm looking for a relationship in the long term not more friends.Big thanks

  • "I asked him if he is free Saturday he said he is working ,so I think he is not that interested"

    There's your problem right there.

    You asked if he was free, and he said no, that he was working.

    And you make the same mistake every other woman seems destined to make.

    You ignored the words coming out of his mouth, and decided he meant something else.

    You're the one that decided he wasn't interested, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    What you should have done, is replied with "Well, when are you free? I'd like to see if a second date is on the cards." or something like that. Instead, you resorted to playing mind games with the poor guy.


    • I have asked him to let me know when he is free then, the week before I suggested Saturday,he does not answer the question he just sends jokes! The reason I don't think he is interested is because since our date he only sends jokes and I realize we live 30 miles apart and he has long shifts and I have tried to give him space. I just don't understand why there is no conversation,just jokes! for three weeks! I was trying to understand why just jokes?

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