Kissed him at a party...

there was a REALLY hot guy at my friends party, and we started talking for a couple hours and eventually we started kissing, it didn't go any further than that. I don't know if he actually liked me or if I was just one night of fun. He did keep holding my hand throughout the night and kept putting me on his lap and when he left he kissed me goodbye in front of all his friends. but what does this mean? do you think we can go any further?


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  • It sounds like he's really interested in you.. however, did he say anything when you guys left each other? Do you know him/have his number/anything else? Sometimes people just get caught up in the adrenaline of the night, and party atmosphere. Still, the fact that he stayed with you all night, held your hand, and kissed you in front of his friends shows that he really didn't just think of you as a fling. Take the signs, and I would go for it, but be somewhat cautious to what his initial reaction will be.

    Good luck!

    • thanks for the comment :)

      & yeah he took my number and he said he'll call,

      he hasn't called yet, its been about a day and a half.


    • No problem. :)

      Give him time, but don't string yourself up because of it. Sitting and waiting for a guy to call you is the worst idea. If he calls he calls, guys are forgetful a lot of the time so it could take a little while.

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  • That's very probable.


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  • Hmmm Yeah I think ya may have a decent chance that something may happen with him. Do you have his number? Try talking to him some more and then you will see.