Should I continue texting him first? What should I do? Please help!

There's this guy I used to extremely like in high school, but after we graduated my thing for him kinda fainted. But last month I sent a mass text to everyone saying "Hey" Because I was bored and he replied. So we kept texting each other for 2 days straight, but one day he just stopped, so I let it go. But now, a month later, my friends dared me to text him again, so we started texting again but now it's longer. it's been 4 days straight and our convos seem more serious. First he kept saying we should hang out. But I wasn’t sure if he was serious so I just kept on saying Yeah we should. Then he asked me about my ex bfs', and I told him all about them and why it didn't work. Then he asked me how far have I gone with a guy, etc. Then in return I asked him how far he's gone, and he replied in detail. I fell asleep while texting him last night and the last thing I asked was ' what time are your classes tomorrow?' cause I didn’t want to keep him up all night, when I woke up there was a reply to my question. He also said I could ask him absolutely anything.

BTW this is all through text. We haven't actually hung out yet cause I really don’t know if he is serious.

I just want to know is there something going on? Should I be doing something? What should I be doing? Should I continue texting him first? Please help! I’m a rookie when it comes to guys.


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  • No let him realize he has to contact you from time to time as well.

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