I recently broke up with a guy I was seeing for three months due to communication issues. Did I overreact and ruined this?

I recently broke up with a guy I was seeing for three months due to communication issues. We would see each other once a week and chat everyday (during his work hours). I'm not sure if that was a red flag. At the time, I was happy until I noticed the miscommunication going on via chat. I decided to approach the issue and he sorta blew me off and said he doesn't like talking over the phone. I just decided to let it go and go with the flow. He didn't say anything like, well, I will make the effort to call you..since he lives one hour away. I was only asking 5-10 minutes conversation. I work online all day. The last thing I want to have a conversation online and wait until he appears online.

Last week I assume we were making plans to go out since we haven't seen each for a week ( but we chat almost everyday). There was some miscommunication on my part via chat and he signed off. At the time, I had no idea, because I assume we are were on for a date. Until I started calling him to see when he was coming. I called three times and left a voice message (a nice concern voice mail). I emailed him as well. I noticed he misinterpret something I said in our chat conversation. I was confused and tried to call him to see whatever he decided to do is fine. I just didn't want for him to all of sudden show up at my place.

All of sudden I hear from him on Sunday at midnight via text saying sorry. I was upset he didn't call me. I know he didn't do anything wrong. I was so worried I said something to upset him and thought I wasn't going to hear from him. I was really devastated and blocked him from chat. I was over IM. I ignored his messages, emails, calls. He decided to acknowledge my email on Monday. He said he just saw my email and left his cell at his house. I just didn't know if I could believe that. He works with technology company on Sunday. I know people who work in technology check their email constantly. After he decided to call me to talk things over because he knew I was mad.

I even said to him. Why didn't he email me on Sunday? He said, I don't know how you manage your time but I was busy. He had time to check his online dating profile on Sunday. I never call him, I'm never demanding, I'm a pretty chill girl. He treats me great when we are together once a week and brings me something sweet all the time. I almost feel like I'm his mistress ( he is 27). He is always asking me for details where I go out. I'm so transparent. I told him this was a problem of miscoummunication. He didn't get it. He also said, if I'm going to have these problems I rather be alone. I feel that my anger agitated the situation that we couldn't come some sort of agreement. I was really upset. He said, I don't see what is the problem if we have such a good time. I started thinking perhaps this just a booty call. I finally said. I don't know who you are and I don't believe anything anymore. I'm so confused.


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  • yea you overreacted and yea you ruined it, the worst thing you did was block his ass and avoid all his moves on contacting you, then when you contact him and he doesn't reply promptly you get agitated and decide to end things, now you are on here venting about it, just send him a text saying that he is a cool guy, you would like to keep talking to him and that you stopped talking to him because you had some emergencies pop up in life and that you would like to see him again very soon, avoid all the miscommunication crap and don't bring it up, pretend like it never happened and try to get back into the swing, if he blews you off, move on.


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