Do you think a guy who is trying to over come his drug addiction is going to do that?

How hard is it to get off drugs for ever? I've never tried and he has had a drug history and we're going out. he calls me his angel and I really want to help him stop. What and how are we going to do this? some part of me is scared he's just going to hurt me in the end.


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  • It depends on the person, how strong is their willpower and how much they WANT to get rid of drugs!

    If they don't want to be cured, it's absolutely impossible to cure him.

    But if he wants to be cured, it's the first step!

    I gotta warn you: proceed with caution, there's no warranties, and it is likely he may hurt you!

    Don't become too attached to him, because being co-addicted is even worse!

    You may pull him out of that hole, but by doing so you risk he will pull you down with him!

    By that I don't really mean he may lure you to drugs, by that I mean that he could ruin your life if you become too attached to him and if he also fails to overcome drugs.

    • I forgot to add that Cold Turkey is the ONLY way! By stopping to use drugs since now and forever, and by that time fighting to overcome withrawal symptoms.

      That's the real battle he must fight and in which you may help him!

      If he wants to lower the dose periodically by taking less and less but still taking - trust me - that WON'T work - don't buy into that if that's the case!

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  • I would say it's not easy because most drugs have withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana doesn't but then again it isn't a drug.


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  • The first few years is really difficult, but if he can stay out after 2 years, or so, its not too bad.

    Once you're and addict, your forever an addicts because all it takes is one relapse to be back where you used to be.

    If he is currently using, you need to decide what you want to do. You can't save anyone, and you won't get him off drugs. Only HE can get himself off drugs.

    An addict, in the throws of their addiction, will choose the drug over you. When you try to "help" them, they see you as a threat and shut you out.

    Its a big mess, and its so hard on everyone involved.

    Really look at if this is what you want to do. You cannot have a healthy relationship with someone who is currently a hard drug user.

  • I haven't experienced this per say but I hear it is quite difficult. But it does certainly depend on if they truly wish to quit and they intend to or not. If they think that it is more important than whatever else that is standing in the way, then they will not let anything get between them and the drug.