Do I date my ex's best friend...?

Okay so, my ex broke up with me just over two weeks ago, it was all good, no hard feelings. But now, his best friend has told me that they like me, normally I would handle something like this pretty smoothly. But you see, I have a little bit of a thing for him, it's been on and off, obviously off when I have been in relationships. But I don't think I should get into a relationship this soon after the last, ESPECIALLY since this happened last time, I dated my recent ex after dating his friend. To be fair it was a month apart. Also, reputation comes into this, I'm just in high school and my relationships are relatively short and I feel like people are going to think of me as that girl who dates everyone. It has just been unfortunate timing, because at the start of the year all three guys were in my mind to possibly date, but I thought they were out of my league...they must all have a thing for younger girls. WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS GUY? We saw a movie together the other day- as friends- and it was really fun, and he didn't try to make a move or anything, because it was a specifically just-friends thing, which I respect about him. He would like to know what's possible for the future...what do I say?


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  • No way Jose. That's just begging for drama. Plus you just broke up! Give yourself a little time to breathe and be single. :( Your ex will get involved somehow. Tell him you just aren't ready to get into another relationship yet. Good luck!