My cousin wants me to marry an Asian American, how do I tell stop giving me advice?

I don't care for his advice and I think it is pretty racist. He thinks that an Asian American would be best for me. I am 22 and I date all guys because I care to learn more about them. I used to like Asian and Asian American guys until my cousin advice me on this. He thinks the divorce rate is low and he is right but I don't care for Asian guys now. I date and I think I will marry whoever is loyal, compatible, and loving. I am not even considering marrying until I am in my 30s. I don't narrow myself down to just a race. My aunt wants me to marry someone who is blond. I guess I don't understand or care. How can I tell them to mind their own business? My cousin has many experience with different ethic girls but he is still single and he is in his 50s!

Saw the statistic, divorce rate are lower in the 30s than 20s.


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  • I don't think your cousin will give up until you are married to someone. You are totally right in looking for a man's inner qualities over his race. Besides the whole low divorce rate for Asian Americans is just because they have a different culture that is more geared toward doing what your parents want instead of doing what makes you happy.

    I knew an Asian guy that said he raped a girl and now his parents and her parents were forcing them to get married. They don't get divorced because their parents do not allow it, because it would bring shame to the family. It doesn't matter what race the guy is, just make sure he respects both women and himself.

    • I know, he took me to a Asian Born Chinese wedding. Goodness. I agreed with you on the culture things, but I see some very unhappy people because they stayed and married the wrong person for them. It is sad because some people become so bitter and hateful. I guess isn't it better to be with someone that is compatible, loving, and loyal with me? It is just make sense to me that you only live once so you should be happy with what you do and who you are with.

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  • good luck with that, waiting till your thirty sounds like a horrible idea, that's a good way to find yourself single for life as a girl. just a heads up, don't mean to be rude

    • Thanks. My schooling and career will take me that long. It doesn't means I won't be dating and finding someone starting when I was 18. Lol.

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    • I agreed, not all guys in their late 30s. I just read a study as guy get older lates 30 and so they are consider bachelor for life kind of thing. I think with time, it will become more acceptable in 1st world country for marriage in 30s.

    • i think you're wrong, I think it will be more acceptable to be a bacchlorette for life, marriage will fade to nothingness like religion

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  • If you are Asian, I don't see how it's racist if your family member is advising you to date within your race. Also you don't have to date someone to learn about their culture. It's a little telling that you say you don't care for Asian men right now, when you yourself are Asian. Maybe he wants his cousin to have some pride in her race and self love. But if you don't want the advice just tell him to stop giving you advice and you don't care to hear it, you'll date who you want.

    • I have a lot of pride and I dated Asian and A. American before my cousin started to give me a long lecture that doesn't last a day, it lasted three weeks! I don't get why he doesn't stop. I already told him that I don't want to hear it. I can't wait to go back to my own home. It would help if he set an example but he doesn't. There is a different between pride and racist.

  • Jut continue ignoring what they say, or start hinting to them that that's not what is necessarily going to happen, that's what I'm doing with my family ;).