Dating confusion, how should I react?

hey peeps

ok, long story made short: I met a girl after chatting online, we kissed each other rightaway when we met, we had a great day and I feel comfortable with her.

NOW: I want to see her again, but she told me that she isn't sure that this is right and that we might've been a bit too fast. I agree with the fast moving part. she seems a bit uncertain about me, since she first told me that she's speechless because I'm supposedly so great and different than all other guys. I told her that we can slow down to a more comfortable level. but somehow she seems different all of a sudden. she takes ages to respond to my messages (even though I don't write a lot).

so what would be the proper way to react?

should I just wait and see or go for a confrontation by saying that I want her to communicate more with me in order for me to know where I'm at in her eyes?

one more thing: I'm looking for a relationship with this girl and I really like her.

Wow...she just told me that she met another guy that she also finds interesting...

now she's unsure about both of us...


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  • Maybe she thinks you are like all the other guys on those dating site who just want sex. As someone who has been on dating sites, its not so easy for a woman (who is seeking a relationship) to pick out the real guys from the fakers since almost everyone pretends to be something they are not or just wants to get in our panties. You can try saying hello every now and then to see how she is, tell her that you would like to get to know her better and ask her if she is interested also assure her that you are not just another creep if you can. If not just move on to someone who will want the same thing.

    • we don't know each other from a dating site. but that's a good point anyways. all the guys she's met in the past just wanted to get in my pants. this is not my goal.

      thanks for your answer :-)

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    • sorry to hear that. Well I think that you should continue on your search for your queen and if you are available maybe you will consider her.

    • People always say if someone doesn't make you a priority, you shouldn't make them an option but my motto is If you are not priority she should even be an option :D

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