What does it mean when a guy tells a girl he wants to be friends right now after they had dated and broke up?

I was dating this guy then his ex deviously broke us up then we started talking and he told me he wanted me as a friend for right now. What does this mean?


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  • That down the line there could be a possibility of going back out together again. How did the ex cause your break up?

  • Sort of in the same situation. Started dating a guy casually and then it started feeling more and more like an exclusive relationship. He said he had a long-term relationship that he needs to work out in his head and get over before he feels like he can enter back into any relationship. He wants to be learn to be independent and go on dates. In the end, he said he is scared of his feelings and only sees us going toward a relationship and he just doesn't want that commitment right now. He also said "let's just be friends for now". maybe reading too much into the "for now" -- esp cause I asked him if he sees us dating again in the future if we were to be "first first". He also said we should be friends "first". But unfortunately, he said no, he doesn't see us dating because he knows it would go toward a relationship again and he absolutely wants to deal with his emotions before ever seeing himself in a relationship again.

    I think some guys just need space and time to figure themselves out, especially when it comes to past relationships that may have hurt them. Just communicate with this guy --- ask him to be honest so that you are both on the same page. Then make a decision based on what you can emotionally handle yourself. (easier said than done, I'm debating if I can deal with "just friends" after having this sort of relationship with this guy).