Is it OK to have hang out with male friends if I'm seeing someone.

I've been seeing someone for two months. We are taking things slow, but we do hang out quite frequently. I met all his friends, but we are still not at the stage of boyfriend/girlfriend yet. He's very social and has a lot of friends, some of which are female. I don't have any problem with this, but sometimes when I feel like I want to hang out with other friends who happen to be a male I wonder if it's ok? I have no intention of cheating, but I just make friends easily with guys as I do girls. Kind of like he does. I just wonder if I'm doing anything wrong by hanging out a with a guy friend who know's I'm seeing someone and we can just hang out as two friends. I want to do this, but I have a feeling my boyfriend would not be OK with it.


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  • It's completely fine to hang out with your male friends while in a relationship. If he has a problem with this, it means that he doesn't trust you, he doesn't trust your friend choice or he's insecure.

    • Thanks. The only problem is a few of my male friends I went out on a date with once and it wasn't anything major, like we didn't hit it off, so we remained friends. I have one guy friend like that, but he says he likes me regardless as a friend just because I'm chill.

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    • Yeah I've raised this concern to him, and every time I bring it up we get into an argument. He thinks its not an issue and that its childish but I do thinks its an important matter. Our differences have seem to make things interesting, but I wonder if it drive us a part eventually. Don't get me wrong though, its not like we don't have anything in common, we do, its just that he's very set in his ways if he doesn't like something. So if I like something that he doesn't, most likely we don't do it.

    • Just let him know that he's the guy for you and these people are just your friends and it's going to stay that way. If he gets to know your male friends, it might help to ease his mind.

  • I wouldn't see a woman who felt the need to hang out with other men.


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