Am I just getting friendzoned?

So about 2 months before she left the country (which I had been unaware was going to happen) this girl and I had hooked up at a party together. It was out of character for both of us, but we both had just broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend not long before that, and had both been very drunk that night. We'd just been friends before, with some mild flirting.

For the next 2 weeks we tried to figure out where we stood with each other. We both admitted the timing was bad and she admitted she still had hazy feelings towards her ex, but she enjoyed my company. Finally one night after staying at my place she asked me how I really felt towards her, wanting to make sure I wasn't too attached to her, because she didn't want to hurt a nice guy over this and then was a bad time. I was unaware then that she was leaving the country for an internship, I assumed that she just wasn't really interested and for a while left it at that.

Except since she's been overseas we've stayed in touch. Every 2-3 days one of us messages the other over Facebook or skype (calling would be hideously expensive for both of us, as would texting). We don't get to talk often because we both work full time and there's a large time zone difference, but we manage. We talk about all kinds of things, but she keeps throwing smileys at me, made me promise to wear a shirt of mine at a party when she comes back, and shared with me a secret she needed to tell someone (just in case something were to happen) but that nobody could know about otherwise. It was involving a student group, not a lover or something, but she still trusted me with it.

I'm not sure if I'm getting friend zoned or if I'm in a better position than before to give dating an actual go when she comes back in a month now (she's been gone for 5)... how can I help my odds here?


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  • Show her what she's missing show her what an amazing guy you arec


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