A few kisses on the neck, what does it mean?

I have a friend who is a guy. I like him but I'm not sure he likes me back. He calls me his 'home girl' and his wifey and he says he likes a lot of different things about me. He did not say it to me he said it to my friends. He came from a very far distance to come to my birthday party and he said that he had to support me. On the day of my birthday I was sitting and he came and gave me a big hug and a few kisses down my neck while he was still over me. He then said to my other friends who don't know that I like him that I'm his wifey. What does this mean?

If he says I'm just his home girl and then kisses me down my neck. What exactly is he saying to me? or what should I be thinking?


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  • He thinks of you as his girl. His girl but your not really in a relationship. Like his boo thing. Um I don't know what you supposed to be thinking.

  • Um what's the question?