Guys how do you feel about getting married to a girl that has had her fun?

When a girl is pushing 30 and her looks are fading and now she wants to settle down with a good successful man. I have been listening to this show lately and this guy speaks a lot of forward slash watch?v=3nMHgGJ8b6A I can't post links yet lol.

if she spent all that time improving herself, growing as a person and making sharpening their skills and hasn't been with guys then I would rather be with this girl, sounds like she would make a wonderful mother
sorry I'm new to this site, I thought I was responding to the person I selected to best answer
Is it really unrealistic to want a girl to not have "had fun" with lots of men before you marry her?


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  • Guys how do you feel about getting married to a girl that has " had their fun"? Most guys would dislike it since most have this notion of it's cool for me to have fun and settle down later but it's not cool to marry girl who did the same.

    Quite odd because when most guys are out having fun it's not with girls they intend to marry since he usually wants to settle down when he's older. So are the marriage type girls never to have any fun and later on in life wait to get one of the few men their age not dating a younger/much younger girl?

    A girl pushing 30 and wanting to settle down is no different than:

    a guy pushing 40 and knowing his sperm quality is declining he wants to settle down with a hot 20 something.

    guys who want to slut around and marry virgins.

    guys who want to slut around and marry girls whose number is less than them.

    old guys who chose not to date women their own age.

    In most cases people want a partner better than themselves and they want to get the best while being the least of themselves they can be.

    • thats very true, but you can see how a 40 year old man wanting a 20 year old women is a bit unreasonable, late 20s sounds reasonable but 20 sounds unreasonable

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    • @udolipixie: What do you think a 20 yo girl sees when she's looking at a 40 yo man? = $$$ OR, $$$ + father figure+stepping stone to next husband. Nothing more. And if men want to fool themselves into thinking anything else, be happy with it. Most of my friends are 20 -25 years younger that me & they say that's the ONLY reason to date/marry an "old geiser." Because the only things in common are sex & spending $$$.

    • @DebiPie

      What do you think a 20 yo girl sees when she's looking at a 40 yo man?

      Which is why I stated "For the 40 year olds looking for healthy secure attractive 20 year olds he usually looks 10 years younger and has status, wealth, and personality. "

  • I'm not joining you with any retarded link that's going to say a guy can f*** around for 30, 40 years then marry a 20 year old. and a 30-40 year old women should be emotionally, sexually, intellectually exiled.

    I think 20 year olds should stop dating/ marrying 30 and 40 year olds.

    Guys shouldn't be encouraged to expect to be able to turn everything/ everyone into their personal playground.

    WHY are you even asking about a woman 'pushing' 30, when the guy in Question is pushing 30 as well. Are you TRYING to be an idiot.

    • yet again- no answer. that makes sense since you're full of sh*t.. and explaining sh*t is pretty difficult to do, since a very subjective experience.

    • No, toulouse, I don't think he is trying...I think he succeeded.

  • I won't waste my time addressing the all of the poo in your post, Pixie did a nice job of that; and no, I didn't waste my time with the link either. No reason to.

    OMG, you actually have the nerve to say "a girl pushing 30 and her looks are fading?"

    Really? You realize that you are pushing 30, so what does that say about your looks?

    Women absolutely do care about whether a man has been out slutting around in his life. Or as you call it, " having their fun." We do not appreciate that in a man, and a good woman won't want to marry you. Do keep that in mind.

    As to the 20-something women who would be interested in the 40ish man, THINK ABOUT IT! There is only one reason for that attraction, and when you $$$ runs out, she's gone. Women like good looks too, and if she's 20ish, she's not attracted to anyone in their 40s or probably not in their 30s unless there's big bucks involved. But go ahead & delude yourself, most men do.

  • Is it unrealistc for women to want a man to "not have had fun" (i.e. slut around) with lots of women before marrying him?

    If he spent all that time improving himself, growing as a person and maybe sharpening their skills and hasn't been with girls, then I would rather be with this guy, sounds like he would make a wonderful husband & father.

    Turn about is fair play, don't you think?


    BTW, come out behind the anon., please. No offense. Have a civilized discussion.

    I can see your pt. of the right to choose whom you want to be with. That doesn't give you the right to trash all women. It is ungenglemanly behavior, which is what, I think you are saying you are.

  • AND THE GUY? did he resist fun from 15 - 30 ? is he looking for a virgin to loose his virginity to? did he stay home studying on the weekends so he could be a good husband and father one day. saying no to anyone offering sex , because he knew in is future he wanted someone who also was pure & he doesn't believe in hypocrisy?

    did the guy who does not want the girl who 'had fun' -have fun? you tool.

  • Most guys will end up doing this whether they want to or not. Hardly anyone wants to get married in their late teens or early 20s. Why shouldn't you have life experience before you settle with someone for the rest of your life? Most young marriages end up in divorce. it's also unrealistic to expect the girl you marry to have only 1 or 2 exboyfriends.

    Most women marry at some point between their late 20s and mid 30s anyway. Not too many 18, 19 year olds even want to get married at all.

    • Actually, most women don't get married anymore, I looked it up. So I guess most men won't be doing that as you say

    • hes right, most women don't get married, and there are far more unhappy single women over in their thirties then men can't argue with raw hard facts

  • what is the history of the guy whos not married yet at 30 are 40.. are you saying HE didn't have any 'fun'?

  • Put it to you this way...Everyone has a certain person that they would like to end up with. Sometimes you find yourself loving or being with someone who isn't like that. But you can't just put a label on someone and say its true for the whole gender. If you don't want a girl like that, that's fine but don't go around saying she wouldn't be wanted because she had "her fun". There is nothing wrong with her having her fun. I know men have had their fun too. It's not one sided. so. Yeah. lol.

  • I didn't watch your video, but here's my take.and I would like your opinion on this as well

    I'm in my mid 20's and I'm still very much single. But I have not had "my fun". I've never had a serious relationship or been on that many dates for that matter. I'm not overly picky, I've just been busy with school and work. And now that those two are settled and down with and I'm looking for that real thing, does that make me undesirable?

    I mean, you're assuming that a girl in her 30's or around that age wasted her youth with multiple guys and drinking all night, sleeping with everyone and anyone. But that's not true for all girls. So would someone pushing 30 but hasn't been around the block still be someone you wouldn't want to marry?

    • yes that would be preferable actually for her to have a good degree, being a lawyer, doctor something like that I could do that

    • if she spent all that time improving herself, growing as a person and making sharpening their skills and hasn't been with guys then I would rather be with this girl, sounds like she would make a wonderful mother

  • isn't that kind of the same thing as a man who wants to settle down because he doesn't want to be alone anymore.

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    • exactly depends on the person, and old fashioned girl, will get an old fashioned relationship. A modern women wont, simple as that

    • lol. I'm glad this convo is at a peaceful end. =P

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  • I think they should lay in the bed they made, not mine.

  • Yuck, no thanks.

    • what do you mean by that?

    • in my experience, real promiscuous chicks tend to have personality traits that are completely incompatible with me. The whole thought of dozens of strange d***s having been inside her is also disgusting.