If you had to choose between these two girls?

Of the two girls I'm about to describe, which one would you choose?

Girl #1. 5'4", Blue eyes, short straight reddish-brown hair, muscular (about 125 pounds), extremely athletic (soccer player), AMAZING body (be jealous of that butt). A little bit tom-boyish. Extremely smart, but not very creative. Super sweet and loyal. Determined. She is a worrier and maternal (which surprises people because of her macho attitude) and doesn't really like trying dangerous things. She worries excessively about those she loves. She does have somewhat of a temper. She doesn't really care much about looks and stuff, and she has absolutely no idea that she's so freaking pretty. Makes friends with everybody, mostly hangs with the guys. Loves to have fun. Guaranteed to make your day a million times better. She's good at practically everything. Strong sense of justice, right and wrong and good at reading people.

Girl #2. 5'7", greenish-blue eyes, 112 pounds, long wavy blond hair, nice body (especially legs). High cheekbones, pale skin (reminiscent of a Greek goddess). Kinda athletic. Also very smart, and super creative. 140 IQ. An Incredible writer. Very nice, but kind of a smart-a**. Open-minded. Loves photography and other art forms. She can get very irritable and snippy, and in some cases she gets downright mean, but she always feels bad afterward. Loves logic games, theoretical ideas and arguing. She has an excellent sense of humor, but enjoys having serious discussions. Wants avidly for the world to be a better place and determined that she will make it so. She also has a taste for adventure and trying new things (warning; might drag you halfway around the world). Basically Absolutely insane.


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  • Girl #3. Looks like a gypsy, surprisingly vain. Has a lisp that favors the right side, a snaggletooth on the left that gives character- ultra frizzy hair, very pale, weight ranges from 105-175 depending on how the ending of each season of the bachelor finalizes. Loves to go crazy. May scratch your eyes out. Reminiscent of Cerberus, guardian of the underworld. Has an unusually high pitched voice. Might drag you to hell. Basically absolutely insane.

    Sounds perfect.


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  • omg. this is so conflicting. so many good things about both. id say 2... but I love one as well... so conflicting...

  • I'll choose both

  • both sound good. I would lean towards Girl #1 (more my type). let me guess you are girl #2.

    comparisons can be damaging. being who you are is always the best person.


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