Summer Crush is it over?

I went to the beach and my two friends and I went for a walk and saw this really hot guy they were too afraid to go up to him and I thought what the heck if it doesn't work out I'll never see him again so I went up to him and introduced myself. I was surprised at how confident I was I told him I thought he was hot and I asked if he thought I was hot he agreed and we just continued talking he also complimented me on being the brave one and he was like oh so your friends are the shy type? It seemed like all he cared about was me and not them so I brought him to my friends and we all talked for a little and he had to go so asked for our numbers. Later that night I was the only one he texted and we continued talking for about a week then we kind of stopped. I texted him like a month later and we started again then I mentioned we should hang out he said yeah and he said his phone was about to die so he would text me later but never did. I just recently like a week ago I texted him and its been 3 months since we last talked and we talked for a little and then the conversation died and we haven't spoken in a week. Whenever we talk we flirt with each other a lot but we go to different schools. Should I stop trying to talk to him? Should I just forget about him and maybe start talking again in the summer?


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  • maybe start talking again in the summer.

    it's kinda hard to take a summer fling out of the season.

    lOl <3