Guys, would you ever date a short girl?

Hey there !

So I'm just wondering if you guys will ever date a girl whose height is 4.52 ft ? She is really short but pretty , sweet etc .. !

How about being friend with her ?

Do you mind if you will be having a very short friend ?

Those questions means a lot to me and I will be so and very grateful for who ever will answer them. Thank ! ^_^


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  • Of course - as long as she's fairly well proportioned (it would be kind of weird if she had a big head & body, but just really stumpy little legs).

    Most guys love petite girls - they're cute and they make the guy feel all big and manly, and we can pick them up and swing them around lots.

    I might be slightly afraid of breaking her, if we ever got as far as the bedroom, but I'm pretty certain that doesn't actually happen.

    • Hahaha "break her part " LOL ... Tnx 4 sharing your opinion with us =) Appreciate it !

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  • Yes I would. I love short, sweet and petite girls because they seem so delicate to me that I feel like kissing them :-D

  • that is pretty short =/. But idc. Id date a short girl or be friends with her if she's cool

    • I see .. Thanks 4 sharing your opinion with us ;) .. I do appreciate it dude !

  • Yes yes and no :-) but would you date a 5"3 guy ?


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