Would you date a short girl?

Will you ever date a very short girl (4.52 ft ) ?

She is very short but pretty and attractive with nice hair etc ...

How about being friend with her ?

  • Yes , I'd date her !
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  • I will be her friend but I will never date her .
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  • I 'd happily date her .
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  • I will , Wats wrong with the short girls !?
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  • If the options didn't suite you then what will you do ?
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  • I'm not likely to date her as I'm 6'2" and I'd probably find it too awkward. I'd definitely be friends with her though, height doesn't affect friendship.


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  • .52 :P lol, I am 6'1 but would not mind dating a girl that height. I see you're under 18, you could still potentially grow more but even at that height. Most guys prefer girls to be shorter than themselves. You have a larger option of guys to choose from :)

    • id deffinitly be freinds with her aswell :P. kissing her could be a problem standing but all that means is I have more reason to pick her up in hugs to kiss and she'd be fun to play fight with! :)

    • HaHaHaHa :P lol ... Hope so . =) .. Tnx , I do appreite your answer !

  • her height doesn't make her any more or less awesome a person.

  • Yeah, height doesn't matter to me, though I probably wouldn't approach her.

  • d. I have no problem with short girls. I'm 6'3 by the way. Lol at the .52

  • some says the shorter the girl, the more satisfying the sex is


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