So here is my second date plan, any suggestions for improvement?

I have known this girl for couple of weeks and I asked her out and it was a decent success. I called it "hanging out" though.

Last Friday, I first took her to a coffee shop she suggested, then we went swing dancing, and I surprised her with my skill since I practiced it for couple of months. then we finalized our first "hanging out" at a local gelato shop and we talked a lot. Then I took her to her car and before we depart, we had a light kiss.

After summarizing what we did last Friday, I believe our first meeting was successful. Then we decided to meet again today and go to my university's volleyball game. I will be picking her up at her work place and we will drive together to the stadium.

So I understand that the second date is another process of getting to know each other more, so what I need to do is remember as much as possible about what she said during first date and ask good questions. but you know at stadium, we would be busy cheering and celebrating, so that we won't be able to do this very important process of finding out about each other lol.

So, I guess if okay with her, I should take her to somewhere after the game, so we can converse. Perhaps we should go and get something, but we already had coffee and gelato last time.

(1) where do you think I should take her? perhaps frozen yogurt place? but there will be a lot of people there.. she knows a lot of places in downtown, so should I ask her? and we can have something?

(2) What kind of clothes I should wear? I am thinking about polo shirts that has the color combination of my school, jeans, and sneakers.

(3) so we had a first kiss, so how much I should initiate?

according to askmen article, I must show her that she is desired, not admired. Girls love a guy who's relaxed and not needy. Expect a slight make-out session, but nothing too heavy. You’re both hot for each other, but you’re still feeling each other out. Tell her you want to kiss her; tell her you think she has beautiful lips and then go for it.

what? Is this okay?

(4) any other suggestions?

thank you! :)

about (3), do I really have to say "you got beautiful lips" "I wan to kiss her?" Is the writer of this article serious?


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  • 1) Yeah, asking her if she knows a nice place is a good option! Or you could just get a Starbucks and drink it while walking the park or something like that.

    2) Sounds fine to me.

    3) Nah, telling her her lips are beautiful is cheesy and way too obvious. Especially if she doesn't have that special lips haha. Just go for it when you think the moment is right. Like when you're sitting close to each other in the park or when you bring her home or something like that. Don't worry too much about it, she already agreed to go on a second date with you and you guys already kissed, I'm sure she likes you. And if girls like guys they wanna make out too haha!

    4) Not really. Be a gentleman, but don't overdo it. Pay for the coffee, hold the door and offer her your jacket if she says she's cold, but don't carry her bag or pull her chair out.

    If you need more advice, just send me a message (:

    Good luck!

    • thanks alot! actually our date went really well~~! though I made a slight mistake and I kissed her neck when we were making out... so she told me to keep it slow and I was saying .. umm yeah but you are irresistable, and we kept a distance for a while and before we say goodbye we had a kiss and talked briefly about our next meeting! so do you think it went okay?

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