Is this the reason why so many women doubt mens' intentions?

As I scroll through the questions on here I notice that many women/girls question how genuine their boyfriend/crush/men in their lives are. I am guilty of this too. I often wonder if what he says is sincere, or if he genuinely likes me or is just playing with my head.

I began to wonder why do we do this. I realized that since a very young age I was told, "All men are a**holes, they only want one thing" and "All men are pigs." Even my guy friends tell me, "all men are a**holes." I am pretty sure most women/girls are raised with this same notion. ( I am not saying all, but most)

So, if we are raised with this 'delusion' that all men are going to treat us like crap, or that we should be weary of mens' intentions, doesn't that create a huge group of paranoid, over-analyzing women who have a higher chance of dating the a**hole because they think that is the only choice they have?

In all, I guess my question is, Do most women date a**holes and questions mens' intentions because they are told from a young age men are a**holes and all they want to do is have sex with them?

lol I hope this makes sense.


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  • I personally am a bit more interested in whether being told that all guys are a**holes and want only sex does actually make guys be a**holes and care only for sex, considering that (and this is what I truly wonder about) if they aren't that way, then they do not satisfy the criteria of expectations females grow up with, and thus they cannot find him attractive as a result as he does not fulfill his "role" of being a d-ck.

    I truly do wonder. :/

    (Guys are told females are incomprehensible and illogical. I for one know it is not true - you just have to use projection and imagine the scenario for how you would react in the same situation. But most people are lazy for that, or are just plain too dumb to be capable.)


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  • It's a popular question here I've noticed here too on why women date jerks, seems like an answer most like is because those jerks actually have a personality as opposed to "nice guys" who are just as shallow & selfish as the jerks while expecting their niceness to attract women.

    So to answer your question, I guess most women date jerks (see above) and then understandably question the guy's intentions. Having a sister, I'll tell her eventually that guys can't be trusted for many different reasons, but that any guy needs to be taken time with to really get to know him. I'm glad you aren't saying all men are like this, but definitely many are like this. It sucks, the majority ruin chances for the rest of us guys who are entirely sincere in their feelings for their girls.

  • I would like to tell you why women date the jerks. But it will take many paragraphs. I should charge you for it.


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  • i doubt mens intentions because I know many of them are going through the motions to get laid so I have to protect my heart. all men aren't like that but the ones who are make it harder for the ones who arent.

  • Yes this is why we doubt men's intentions. and it's not just because we are TOLD, but because many guys ARE a**holes. not all guys are that way, but the bad ones mess it up for the good ones. some a**holes are less obvious than others, I have seen some guys play the sweet loving boyfriend card and then sh*t on their girlfriend behind her back so you never know. besides when your young most guys do just wanna have sex with girls. a lot of guys only have girlfriends so they can have at least 1 regular sex partner so how do you even know if a guy is genuine? maybe he's just a good actor? that is why I don't date and focus on myself because its hard to find someone worthy of trust. most people are sh*theads and that includes guys.