This guy calls me but never makes plans. What does he want?

One of my guy friends is home for a week. He texted me a couple of weeks ago and when he first found out he was coming home and we agreed to hang out. Since he's been home, he has called me everyday but is always heading off to somewhere else.

I know for sure he likes me, and I haven't discouraged any of his come-ons. So why does he call me everyday, but never asks me to hang out?

It's really not fair that he calls me just to talk but never make plans to hang out later that day.


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  • I'm sorta in the position of the guy your speaking of right now, the thing is with me as obvious as it may be to others looking in at the situation I just can't really tell if she likes me or not, all goes back to the rejection thing. I would bet if you were to suggest going somewhere or doing something later that day or what ever he would go along with it.


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  • not being rude, but he may be jerking off to the sound of your voice.