Hey girls! I dated this beautiful lady and..... help me please

I dated this beautiful and intelligent lady for 2 years, I felt so much love for her. We've been apart for about 2 years now. and I've been thinking even more about her. I just miss her! So what happened is that we had some jealousy problems but it got to the point to where she hated it and didn't tell me she didn't wanna be jealous anymore, instead she leaves me. and yea knowing my stupid actions, I tell her parents and my parents the truth on what we did because they asked, and I hate lying to my girlfriends parents, no matter what it's respect. but now they hate me, but this girl and I have talked about getting back, but her parents wouldn't allow it. What could I do?...


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  • That relationship ended two years ago. From what you're describing, the reasons you two broke up in the first place haven't gone away; they're still there. If I were in your situation, I would move on.

    • Believe it or not her older sister and her boyfriend had the same exact issues weird huh. But now they are married and her parents love him.

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