I need advice on being a good girlfriend...

I've been told by one guy that I'm just not a good girlfriend, I thought it was because I'm a flirt an all. But now I think it's something else. I don't know where to start to be better and I would feel so stupid to let my guy friends know that my ex's words bother me this much. At first I just thought he was being a jerk, but then I see my friends in health long relationships. So I honestly think it might be me.

Guys, well and girls too, how do I become a better girlfriend?


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  • You'd have to:

    1. Stop being so self confident, secured, comfortable around them.

    2. Stop having an opinion. Learn to not say anything just be quiet, Learn to be seen and not heard.

    3. Stop being who you are!

    Sounds terrible, right. Don't let his words haunt you. You'll find someone worthy of you.

    • Lol, at first I was like WHAT! but I get you. Thanks

    • I don't know what a**holes you're dating, but that's pretty much the opposite of what I want.

    • Yikes! Sixstring don't think you understood. Please re-read

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  • Make him useful. Show appreciation. Don't play passive-aggressive mindgames. Tell him straight-up when something's bothering him. Make him food.

    • LOL, I do make my boyfriends food, I love cooking for them. But I see your other points thank you!

    • *feel useful

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  • A) Be honest with yourself and the person you are dating. B) Communicate - Always say how you feel and do not hold anything back. C) Stop flirting! - Your man wants you to give him attention not other men