Guys, would you kiss a girl if you didn't find her attractive?

i have some body image issues cause I was bullied. pretty much I was talking to this guy, (we hadn't met but he had seen pics of me.) he said I looked cute in my pictures, I've never photoshopped my pics. pretty much we met a while back and he told me out of nowhere 'you're really pretty' and I was like 'stop you're just being nice' and he was like 'i am a nice guy but you really are pretty, why would I be kissing you if you weren't?'

I've been called pretty before but the bullying kinda makes me think that people are just being nice to me when they say that.. help? :/


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  • why would a guy want to kiss a girl he's not attracted to...its pointless. this guy probably likes you. try not to be so negitive

  • No, I wouldn't kiss a girl I'm not attracted to.


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