Do drunken kisses mean anything?

He sort of separated me from my friends and we went outside and he pushed my hair back and kissed me. I was really shocked but he didn't apologize for it, he just looked at me all weird and I started rambling about something and kind of pretended it didn't happen. Oh and he's one of my brothers best friends so I'm kinda confused. ed.


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  • You need to ask him about it, maybe he took the alcohol as an excuse to kiss you without getting in trouble if you didn't like it. If you like him this is a sure sign that he likes you. Ask your brother about it, he should be cool about it, if not a little weirded out.

    • I sort of did and he said he wasn't responsible for his actions while highly intoxicated. I'm not sure if he was joking and if he is it makes me feel a bit sad lol. He's still texting me though but he hasn't asked to hang out or anything so maybe it was just a drunken meaningless kiss. Probably won't tell my brother lol.

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