Why did he really call?

This guy I like called me during his break. Mind you, He hasn't texted me or called for 2 days.

He told me that he called so I don't forget about him and if I'm still on for Monday.

I told him, yes. He'll call me Sunday after work.

Did he call because he miss me and just using that "I didn't want you to forget about me."


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  • uhmm yes(?) when a guy calls and tells you he misses you, that generally means he misses you... can't get more self explanitory than that

    • Nah, he called me and said "Just calling, so you don't forget about me"

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    • Why couldn't he or guys in general, just say that.. Instead of saying something different.

    • probably having a rough day. Some days I'm lost of words and I say things that don't mean EXACTLY how its said... if that makes any bit of sense..

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