He was going to kiss me?

I want to get a few points out of the way first

1. he has no credit and can't get any yet

2. he has just moved into a new house so he has no internet so I can only contact him if I phone him or if I see him face to face

theres this boy in my class I like him and he likes me, we have been out before me my friend him and his friend, and nothing happened just went to see a movie, on Friday I went out with him again him his friend me and my friend and he was meant to be pulling (kissing) me and he didnt, he had so many chances he had the movie, he had when we were walking about for like an hour he had when we were sitting beside each other, in the end I got so annoyed and walked off which I shouldn't of done but he didn't even show that he cared that's what annoyed me, and I rang him that night but he was with people, but on the phone he said he was going to kiss me but I was apparently acting weird which I wasn't until he made no move whatso ever even after being out for about 2 hours..

this is long but I need answers :/


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  • sounds like your friend is to shy to make the first move, maybe you could let him know discreetly you like him too, then he'll know it's OK to kiss you!

    • he already knows I like him too,):

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