Can't we show men that we're upset about them?

I'm upset about him because he disappeared for 3 weeks. He was very busy and he just contacted me today. He said like he thought I was very busy so I disappeared from him too. I'm not angry but I'm a little upset and want him to know that I'm not busy but it's him who told me that he was very busy last time I called him so I just didn't contact him. But my friend told me that if I did that it would make him know that he's very important to me. She suggested me to tell him that I'm very busy so I forgot about him. Is it necessary to act like my friend suggest me? I need your opinion.


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  • Yeah I just don't get men with their disappearance act expecting us to be exactly the same when they come back..

    I used to ask my man and nag why the hell this happens and what is going wrong that he needs to disappear every few days... When he is back he would be like hey you just over react and there is nothing wrong and call me dramatic and we fight... At the beginning I thought perhaps he needs space but now that it happens all the time I figured perhaps he is not as interested as he used to be or maybe he just doesn't miss me...

    So if there is nothing wrong as he says, then tell me this, why the hell was I left wondering for days what did I do wrong and even when I contact him he would be cold...

    This is wrong do not let him get used to it... He will just disappear once and for all one day...

    • We never fight about this but yeah I think he expected me to do the same after he disappeared as every time he did. But I've changed. I don't want him to take it for granted so this time I just disappeared too.

    • yeap this exactly what I am doing at this moment, good luck

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  • No, don't act like your friend suggested. Do what your heart tells you. I however, would tell him exactly what you told here. That you didn't contact him since he told you he was busy. Next time, you could send him a message and say: hey, you still alive? call/text me when you have time (: something like that. That will let him know that he can call you and you still want contact with him. Just tell him the truth, it's always the best (: good luck xx

    • Yeah I think I should do as I wanted. I want to show him that he shouldn't get used to what I've done for him many times. I texted him, email him but I think he should change to contact me even he's busy. Just text message or email, it's not too much in my thinking.

  • Be honest with him. Don't play games and don't do what your girlfriend said. If it happens again send him a text message and say; just want to say hi, hope everything is OK. If he doesn't text or call you back. I think it's time to move on.

    • I did that for many times and he contacted me back every time but I just got tired with it so I just didn't contact him and wanted to see how long he would take to contact me by himself. But it's 3 weeks! He might think that I would contact him first so he just waited me but now I wanted to show him that I've changed. And it should be him to adjust himself to be better.

    • Good for you. It's not exceptable behavior and if you don't put a stop to it he will continue to do it.

      You have to let him know either your in or your out. He can't have it both ways it's one or the other. No games.

  • Mind games are bullsh*t. Just say what you mean, and mean what you say.

  • NOOOo don't act like your friend told you ...

    just tell him you thought he was busy and that's why you didn't contact him until he is available ...

    its okay to say so and doesn't mean that he is important in any way ! ...

    its normal to contact him by the way doesn't mean any thing ...