Want to get married and have kids, is this normal to anyone?

2 years ago I had a relationship that didn't go so well which was completely my fault and because of that I stopped dating for 2 years. Now I'm suddenly obsessed with the idea of having a kid and getting married, not straight away of course but it feels like its all I want, I finally get my head straight and suddenly this happens it's not effecting my behavior at least I don't think it is but is it normal for a 17 year old guy to want this so much, I feel like I should be doing 2 week flings with girls like my friends do but when I try that I just feel awful about the idea, like instead of just trying to have a fling I want to go star gazing while holding their hand, I'm normally always the childish one who laughs when people say something stupid like "boobs" I mean fair enough I still laugh at stupid stuff but when I see my friends behaving the way they do, I feel like I don't fit in, it's a weird feeling, am I just growing up? Am I normal? I don't feel like I am people don't go through changes like this so suddenly I thought it could just be a phase but I've been like this for a month wtf is wrong with me?

I could swear I put this in Behavior but whatever


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  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with you hun.Your sound like an amazing young guy to be honest.Your situation is similar to mine except that I'm 22.I never wanted kids or marriage,I was sure that I never would.I've taken a year off from dating after splitting up with my ex and now like you I can't shake the idea of having a family and getting married out of my mind.The only thing I will say is when you do get into a relationship take it slowly,you are very to be thinking about being a Dad

    • actually made me feel a tad better thanks for taking the time

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