Why when guys get upset they shut down?

my boy friend is very busy with work an has 4 kids to take care of...how ever he has slowed down with texting me an calling me...he lives in California an I Washington but he said that he is waiting for his taxes an a good harvest an we can buy a house an I will move down there...how ever he don't text me...why?


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  • maybe he's not ready for such a commitment. 4 kids, job, and you is a lot to handle. Kids deff come first, everyone knows that. Right now he's prob has his hands tied with everything else.

    • yea I get tht...i have a kid as well...he is tha one tho tht asked me to be with him...an told me he wants to be with me for ever...i don't wanna be pushy so I don't text him...but I don't want us to drift...i really like him...we grew up 2gether...

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