Advice on meeting men 45+?

If I only knew. I am a 53 year old woman living in the Bay Area, CA. I am in good shape physically, weight/height appropriate, educated with a fine-tuned sense of humor. I have been single for over 3 years and am beginning to accept that is my destiny. I would love to meet a similar minded man who is still in shape, not a hardcore exercise nut, enjoys traveling, self-sufficient, with a good sense of humor. Am I setting my sights too high? I have utilized online dating sites in the past with a small amount of luck, but would prefer not to go that route. Any suggestions out there?


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  • wow, I'm surprised your not married. That's actually quite understandable for your standards. If your trying to get back in the dating scene I recommend a couple of things that you should take into consideration.

    1) Your image = The image you give off, is the image guys are going to in vision you as. For example: If you wear something like a nice dress with the skirt a little bit above your knee caps, it does give off this image : " I'm Hot and I like to show off" With that image, guys will mostly try to get one night stands if they can. So dress that makes you say your Beautiful/gorgeous, but not easy to obtain at all.

    2) When your out there at malls, bars, clubs, lounges, anywhere public and sociable, try to keep a smile but as well as nonchalant. Like your positive and willing to hear people out but don't give them a bad vibe or you might shut down some peoples confidence and cause them to mess up in their opening statements to start a conversation.

    3) I would suggest to also use everything in terms of social wise, meaning a Facebook account,, e-harmony,, etc. Those sites can be your back pocket tricks. You can use those to work to your advantage when your at work, a club, or somewhere else trying to meet other men. So even if you do or don't get lucky, you will have an opportunity to have someone find you and develop a connection with in the process. So it will help you narrow down and find other men in shorter time.

    Good luck out there =)


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  • Dance classes have produced dating & even marriages for this & older ages, as they lead to socials, parties and "practice" at social places.
    Few gals (aka competition) are found at country club "sports" i. e. golf course, tennis, even pool - join & take lessons.
    Senior high rise cities, some "assisted" may bring you into socials that make connections.
    Volunteer work...
    Church - although I've seen the best & worst


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  • Try every social contact you can. Family, work, friends, Facebook, former classmates, classes (tai-chi-yoga-swimming, astronomy). In one word live as much as you can ! Good luck and let us know your advances.

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