Do rebound realtionships ever work out?

I'm dating this guy right now that just got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship. He told me that they broke up because things just didn't work out. He says that he cares for her very deeply but that he has no romantic interest in her.

Here's the other thing, they still live together.

Should I even be in this relationship?


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  • No. Get out of it while its still easy. He won't ever get over her if they are living together. If anything, being with you will probably make him miss her even more. That's how rebound relationships work. Its something to cure the loneliness at someone elses expense, but since he still lives with her, he still gets the best of both worlds. Plus you don't know if he has some FWB deal worked out with her.

    • he says that they haven't been together in a few months, which would be before he and I got together. He swears that nothing is happening between them. Could he really be over her? I think the reason they broke up was more his fault then hers.

    • No, he's lying if he says he has no romantic interest in her. He would have moved out immediately if that was the case. After a long relationship, following it up with another relationship will not make things any better. Eventually he will either go back to her, or realize he can be happy single, and will dump you because you got him through the toughest part.

    • he said that he can't move out because of some money problems. They don't share the same bedroom.

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