We had a fight 2 weeks ago. What should I do? I'm lost?

we had fight 2 weeks ago and it was his fault and since then we don't talk and he didn't call me or email...we are in long-distant relationship. we are dating for two years ans he had sex

i mean we had sex together


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  • Just be the one to contact him first. If you keep being stubborn to each other, you'll never talk to each other again. Set aside your pride and contact him again. Try talking about what happened, and make it up. I hope you'll work everything out together, it would be a waste if you two wouldn't (: good luck! xx

    • thanks for your help but he hurted me with hard words so shouldn't he call first? I'm really confused and miss him... :)

    • I understand your feelings, I'm exactly like you and I would probably feel the same, but I think you should call him first and tell him what you told me. Think like this, what if he never calls? And you're too hurt to call? Then eventually it's nothing anymore and it's too late to be restored. So, gather your courage and try to call him. I know it's hard, but be a brave girl!

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