Does anyone see any warning signs that I can't see? I think things are going OK, but not 100% sure. I could use some advice.

I have been dating someone for a little over a month. Things seem to be going well. I see him 1-2 times a week, usually he cooks me dinner and we have a few glasses of wine at his house. He once asked me to help paint his garage and that was a fun day. We are very sexually compatible and I know he likes me.

I am dating him exclusively, and think that he isn't seeing anyone else but not sure. He works 2 jobs and so do I, so I don't get too see him as much as I would like. We haven't entered that boyfriend/girlfriend stage yet, and I don't expect it too as it is early days.

The thing is that I know that before meeting me, he hasn't been out of a relationship very long. I think it's a case of: He wasn't planning on getting into another relationship for some time/not totally over his past relationship, but then he met me and things are traveling along nicely and he likes me and that's where things are headed.

One thing that bothers me a little is that I asked him if I could add him on Facebook. At first he avoided it and tried to change the subject, then he said "it will happen soon" and that was two weeks ago. I'm not the type who goes and posts things on a guys wall to scare off other women or anything like that, so he doesn't need to worry about that. I just want to add him to see if he is a well-adjusted, level headed person as you can find out a lot about a person by their status updates!

I am just wondering if that is a warning sign? Also, we seem to really like each other but since he has recently just come out of a relationship, is there anything that I should be worried about? I know he likes me, but could I just be a distraction?

In one way, I am quite happy to just see how things go and let the relationship take its course. In another way, I don't like to take risks and hate the idea of opening myself up to someone who is not ready and end up getting hurt down the track. I don't want to push him into anything, but I like him and I usually am the kind of person who just gets over a guy and moves on if I am not 100% sure about how they feel.

Is there any advice that anyone can give me? Does anyone see any warning signs that I can't see? Thanks in advance.


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  • I'm sure he just doesn't want to cause a bunch of drama with his ex. You realize that many people stalk their ex's social sites to try to figure out what they're doing, so they can find more reasons to be mad at them and say nasty things to everyone they know. His ex may be that kind of person, and he's looking to avoid all that.

    Facebook isn't reality. The time he is spending with you is. I wouldn't worry about it.

    • Thank you. You're right, FB isn't reality but I use it quite a lot, and know that he does too. I didn't think about the ex stalking profiles thing. I am guilty of doing that myself in the past!

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  • Personally I think if he has just ended a relationship, then he is probably in his confused stage when he is wondering if it is too soon to start a new relationship, a relationship is a big commitment and if he isn't sure about himself he probably doesn't want to drag you into for the Facebook thing, he probably has friends on their that he knows through his ex or know his ex, Facebook has all his friends and mayb his family on it, so he may see it as a big step adding you into that. hope this helps

    • Thank you, it does help. We haven't talked about getting into a relationship, have kept things light hearted and fun but it is headed that way.

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