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The guy I'm dating is 20 about to be 21 and I am 19. We dated in high school for almost a year, we both didn't know what we wanted and he liked to party and I didn't want to stop him but I didn't want to deal with it either so I broke up (for many additional reasons too, basically we just lost the flame and didn't know how to reignite it) now we really want something together, but I know he wants to rush into sex and I'd like to wait about 3 months, and go on dates and get to know each other, will this be the worst 3 months of his life? or do guys actually appreciate time getting to know their gf's? I know he will say he's OK with it but I don't know if he really wants it that way, on the first night we have sex(well not technically) but after the 3 month waiting time I want to get a fancy hotel and make it really special. In high school we were little kids and now we are grown ups(do you think we are still too young?) I have a feeling I will be spending the rest of my life with this guy so I want to make it meaningful. If he felt the same wouldn't he want to spend time to get to know me too? Do guys understand this? do you think we're too young to be serious like this?

also, how do I propose this to him? I kind of feel silly because we had some crazy sex back in the day and now I want to be a lady and wait. I want to wait 3 months because that seems like a good amount of time for him to prove to me he is serious and that I'm worth the wait and Christmas is a magical time and I want that to be his gift. I want him to understand why I am doing this, because I really want something with him and I care about him.


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  • some guys can wait. I can.


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  • Just be honest and upfront with him about what you want. If he really likes you and cares about you he won't have a problem waiting the 3 months.


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