Ok well I would really like to date this girl what should my next move be?

Okay, well I really like this girl I have been hanging out with her like everyday for like a month now. She wants to go to the movies. She knows that another guy likes her but he's like a brother to her ( good friend) and she doesn't want to date him and when he tries to move closer to her she moves closer to me. We went for dinner the other night not to a nice restraunt just to a pantry. She is showing interest in me. She has her Facebook statuses as she likes somebody I'm not sure if she is talking about me but I think there is a high possibilty she is. What should my next move be continue to hang out with her everyday take her on a nice date? or just ask her to be my girlfriend?

Also I am supposed to be hanging out with her today I told her I could pick her up from school she hasn't replied should I just go there because I have picked her up from school before would that be good or bad if I did that with out her saying to?


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  • It definitely sounds like she's into you...

    Maybe you just need to ask her outright whether she likes you or not. It's always better to say something rather than wondering what might of been


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