I was talking to this guy online

And it was the first time we talked (he was from France)

and he asked me when I was coming back to France, and how old I was.

Then when told him how old I was he responded that he was old enough to be my father. I then asked if he would want to video chat (his english wasn't too good) and he said no because he was shy and then I said he should be shy because he was cute. And then he asked if I was seducing him, and when I said no he immediately said that he had to go.

Does that mean anything? Was I being to pushy?


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  • I see some red flags here..."he was old enough to be my father...he's shy..." I think the issue is that he is more than likely married, his wife was around and he couldn't video chat at that moment. I know I am assuming here but I'd be cautious if you talk to him anymore if at all.

    • I know he's not married- I actually know that for a fact. But some red flags did pop up- because I just thought it was kind of weird.

    • Okay, well it's good he isn't married however you never know who you're dealing with on the Internet. I wouldn't easily trust someone or give out too much info. I'd try to establish a rapport and build things up. I mean, unless it's just for fun or flirtation but again, look out for number one because there are some real sickos out there.

    • Oh I am very careful. And he's a French comedian that I like- and it was his real Facebook. But idk, I hope I didn't blow it because I would really like to meet him one day.