First date 101. Does this guy like me or not? I'm getting mix signals!!!

I asked a guy out that I knew, just for coffee but ge returned the invite by asking me to dinner

I accepted and we had a great time, stayed forever (and we weren't drinking either)

He paid of course and it seemed to go well

I gave him a hug goodbye but he did not try to kiss me or say anything about seeing me again

in all fairness it was a rushed moment.

I'm curious if he likes me or not. Wether I should waste any more time. He did say he thought I was cool

I emailed him to say Thanks etc and would love to hang out again

He replied pretty quickly and said

Great! And Your Welcome!

That was three days ago. Nothing else said or done.

I know I could initiate but I don't want to.


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  • It's hard to tell how he feels. Maybe he wants to take things slow and not rush it. Did you feel any chemistry or connection with him? I also think to guys are afraid to kiss a girl on the first date because if he makes a move a girl can easily reject him and turn their head. But he did pay for dinner so that is a good thing. If you like him try to spend more time with him to try and get to know him more.

    • Thank you! It's very grey.

      I guess I don't know if I should continue to initiate things..if that will bug him/turn him off. I don't want to be like

      The masculine one, that scares me

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    • Check my update ;)

    • That's good that you emailed him and said lets do it again. It gives him the door to ask you out again. Hopefully he will ask you out again when he has time. Guys liek to make up a lot of excuses sometimes. I don't blame you for not wanting to intiate. I think you did good with the email and hopefully he should ocntact you soon.Guys like to wait a while sometimes.

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