When is the right time to call?

When you give a guy your number,Do you care if he calls you the next day,or waits a few days.When do most guys call you?

I personally don't want to to seem to eager,but waiting to call seems like game playing to me.


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  • if he calls too late I forgt about him and most of th tim don't bother remembering who he is, because he obviosly had second thought about calling me due to the fact because its been too long.

    f he calls right away I feel like he must be really into me and I feel like I'm in control a little bit =]

    (too long for me is a week) (Too short 1 day) I always call on Wednesdays or Thursdays to plan something for the weekend =]

    works fr me every time =]


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  • I agree. If she give you her # and you want to call her. I think you should; why wait? I will never understand that.

  • honestly, I usually try to exchange numbers. if only one gives it, it is hard to read. but depending on how well you already know the person, I think that even if you don't have time for an actual in person meeting right away that as soon as you have time, some contact should be made even if it is nothing big, just to show the sincerity of your intentions.


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