What do I do now? Can anyone help?

What do I do now? I've liked this girl for some time, and she has known for just about that whole time. I didn't personally tell her, even though I meant to, but she knew because her friend (who was also my friend) told her I did. She ended up getting a boyfriend, so I waited for it to be over. School started back up, and I told her how I felt. The thing is, she never really said how she felt. She seemed to be abnormally nice to me and even asked (almost begged) me to go to a tennis match of hers. So I went. You may be asking, well, what's wrong with this? Well, right about here is where everything starts to go downhill. Next day (or the day after), I get a message from two of her friends, both asking if she liked me, if we had talked about getting together or anything. I told them both no, and why. One of them happened to be one of my closer friends, and she told me. Turns out, the girl I like had lied to her friends and said that I just randomly showed up at her match, and that she didn't like me. This is where I found out that she was apparently talking to more guys than just me. I still tried to get to know her better, hoping maybe I could sway her to like me, or at least get a legitimate answer out of her. Next day, a Friday, and I get to school, already feeling like crap. On my way to my first class, and what do I see? Another guy following her to her locker... Her holding hands with him and leading him there... I turned my head in disgust and have refused to talk to her since then. Deleted her contact info, everything. But now, about a week after this happened, I find myself wanting to talk to her again, even though I know logically its a stupid idea because I've been down this road once already. I'm having to fight myself to ignore her... What do I do?

(Sorry for the lengthiness of this, if it's in the wrong category, any grammatical and/or spelling errors, and of how whiny it is, but any help would be appreciated)


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  • Grr I know how annoying it is when someone lets you down like that! Though, if that girl treated you in that way then she doesn't deserve you. You are worth much more than being treated like that, so make sure you know and acknowledge that to *yourself*

    Seriously, forget her. Its hard, but what I think is that you need closure. give yourself that! tell youself why it is wrong for you to go back to her again! Make a list if just telling yourself doesn't work out,its often a lot easier to follow something and accept it if its written down rather than just said or thought out.

    Every time you get an urge to talk to her, tell yourself why she isn't worth it. think about how you would feel afterward if you let her take over you again. remind yourself that you are stronger than the temptation to go and talk to her.

    Another thing is that the more you try and deprive yourself from something, the more you want it. I guess its similar if you are thinking of this girl. Don't ignore her, in my opinion, just be extremely formal with her and don't go anything past just being acquaintances with her.

    Everytime you want to talk, think about how there's 99% chance that you will feel like hell afterward and only 1% chance that it will work out. Do you seriously want to ruin your day just for that 1%?

    Also, you could make a list. on on side, write down everything positive about her-why you want to talk to her, why she attracted you in the first place, etc. On the second side, write down everything negative about her. See how the cons overcome the pros and you will automatically not want to be with her.

    Forget the past, as well. Seriously, there's no use thinking about why she did what she did- you know that she did it and that should be enough for you, yeah? That way, when you next see her, it will be as if nothing happened, and you can fight the urge to talk at all.

    Good luck =D hope that helped!


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