Flirting? What's this guy doing?

There's these two guys I met a few months back. They're both friends and teammates. When I first met them, they both asked for my number but the first to make a move was, let's say, Guy A. He was straight out hitting on me and his messages were flirty. I was already attracted to him but soon after Guy B started contacting me. I usually see both guys but I got to hangout with B more because he lived nearby. I found myself getting more attracted to B (because he was so nice) and after a while I noticed A disappearing. He stopped texting or calling or seeing me as much.

Later on, when I really got to know B, I realized I didn't really like him. There was a time where I finally got to know A and I'm like this is the guy I really like and not just because he's nice like the other one. But things are upside down now, the guy who used to chase me is the guy I really want now.

Anyway, maybe a month ago, guy B formally asked me if he could court me and I said no. The thing is, before this incident up until now, guy A would subtly flirt me, even in front of guy B sometimes. I can't tell if he's seriously hitting on me or if it's just him being his flirty self since I do know him as a flirty guy (but not the kind to really pursue girls immediately). He also has this habit of always asking me what's been happening between me and guy B when it's just the two of us. My guy friends told me it's his way of fishing for information for himself and that maybe A gave way for B for these possible reasons: they're friends, he didn't like me strongly enough to go against a friend, or he saw that I was more close with B.

I figured that now maybe guy A's just flirting around. I mean he's not making a move or anything, not even a text or call. It's just when we see each other personally that he showers me with compliments and pick-up lines. I don't know if it's because it'd be awkward to hit on the girl his friend asked out or something. Sorry that was so long and confusing, but anyway, thoughts? =))

He also has this thing where he tells me whenever people mistake me to be romantically linked with him. I don't know if this is part of his flirting thing or if he's just telling me, because personally I would find it awkward to tell a guy I like something like that and wold rather keep it to myself.


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  • Both guys are flirting in fact. Guy B will actually use you finally . Guy A is more smarter and haven;t yet settled for you. Guy B has settled with you..

    Choice is yours..

    get out of both babe


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  • go find some other guys.