Don't like waiting on calls, but out of my control, how can I get over the frustrated feeling?

I'm away at school and really only get to see him once a week when he comes down...however throughout the rest of the week, I always have to really be the one to wait for him to call. I use to be able to call right before/right after a class in the early afternoon and hope for luck that he wasn't working with his dad and could answer for maybe 10 min or whatever. Now he's got a new job and it really is, me waiting on him and I don't even know if he gets breaks yet(he doesn't seem to even know...) and then on days he doesn't work, I'm still waiting on him because I don't like to call when he's out with his friends 'cause that his guy time. And now I've been away for 2 months and it feels like I always have to wait on him. It's exhausting, mostly for the sake of I miss him and while we've talked about it, I just need to get over this, because this has even come up in fights and the last thing I want, is to fight with him. This isn't me really being mad at him, so please understand that, just being frustrated with the overall situation of missing him and hardly really getting to talk.


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  • Oh, I understand! However, maybe you should look at it like this: Jobs are scarce right now, and you would rather have a man with a job than without one. So, the fact that he can't talk to you during work hours is a positive thing! On his days off maybe you can make a compromise with him - give and take. It is frustrating, but try to look at it as he's still trying and you're still trying. It's good that you have talked to him about it, just make sure you approach it in a non-attacking or me-me-me or you don't or you do this, instead say we.

    It's easy for us to see fault in dating others, sometimes we need to stop and think what the other might "put up with". Nobody's perfect ;-)

  • It is so much easier said than done but you need to busy yourself! Don't keep your phone at your side checking it every 5 minutes...Put it down, leave it. Go to the Gym, go for a walk, go get diner, hang out with some friends, put your ear buds in and study. When he calls and he will, it will be a welcome interruption instead of that priority you focused on all evening. If he calls and gets your VM, good, let him feel a little discomfort maybe he will understand your angst more in the future.

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