This girl led me on (she even told me she liked me ). Am I wrong to be angry?

OK there is this girl who I really like but she out of the blue she is just going out with another guy and she expects me to remain friends with her. I have been talking to her a for like 2 months and recently the chemistry between us was great, I would touch her hair while talking to her and she would smile and I thought nothing could go wrong. a week ago I told her that I liked her and she said that she liked me too and I told her that I meant I liked her more than a friend, she told me she already knew what I meant. today she texts me and tells me she wanted 2 tell me something so I went to see her and that's when the sh*t hit the fan. she told me that her ex was back in the picture and she was gonna give him another chance. she said she was sorry and really hoped that we remained friends. now I didn't wanna appear hurt in front of her because of egotistical reasons so I forced a smile and said I understand (the alternative was to go into a roid rage and pull my hair off) so I gave a hug and left. so the question is now what ? i


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  • What's next my boy is that you keep it moving. The hair touching and everything else means nothing. You haven't had sex with her and you two aren't dating. So she doesn't owe anything to you. If anything she respected you by telling you that she's getting back with her boyfriend. She could have been a punk about it and strung you along while her ex is still in the picture. And if her ex is in the picture and she still has strong enough feelings to get back with him, then consider this a bullet dodged because being with her would have made you rebound guy. Also, if you don't want friendship then you should be honest with her. Nothing is worse than being a friend with a woman you want to be with and have to hear about her escapades with some other guy. Just tell her "I have to be honest. I know you want to remain friends and I said that's cool, but I wasn't being truthful and I want something more with you. I understand that your ex is back in the picture so I think it's best that we part ways." Accept defeat like a man, don't lose your cool and who knows, maybe things won't work out with this guy and she'll call you back.

    • i like the phrase accept defeat like a man. thanks a lot man, you just stopped from making an irrational decision

    • I'm glad I could help. You're avoiding the decision I made years ago and regret till this day. Had someone told me this when I was 18, I eventually would have gotten the girl instead of freaking her out. Always keep your cool and never play yourself out.

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  • move on dude. lol.

    that's why...past relationships get brought up at some point. haha.

    exes are exes for a reason unless blah blah blah.

    But you should just leave her be. he **** blked u. =( sorry.

    so find someone else and make sure you beat em to the punch.


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  • well maybe she didn't see you as a boyfriend type and she wanted to be your friend. No you shouldn't be mad, its better to be a friend then nothing at all