Would you send encouraging text to your ex?

My ex and I send each other encouraging texts if we know the other one is going through a tough time or has something coming up at work. Randomly today he sent me a text just to tell me how terrific I am.

we feel into a bad place and the relationship we have now is the kind of relationship we should of had when we were dating. I still really like him and I think he likes me.

Am I reading too much into his texts?


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  • I am not sure. It sounds like he possible likes you again..or still.

    Why not push it to something else? Ask him to go for a bite to eat or something.

    I would never go back to an ex..but, hey if it makes you happy :)

    Best wishes xxxx

  • Youre just reading too much into your feelings, its okay being friends with an ex but its not okay being with them all over again. I wouldn't open up that chapter again if I were you.