How to know when to go in for the first kiss?

Girls - When do you want the guy to go in for the first kiss? Does it really matter. I am not talking like high school first kisses or even a kiss at the door but for a potential new serious girlfriend when would be ideal? When the eyes meet? Would you think it was weird if he said something about it? Experiences Good or Bad are appreciated.


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  • it's always great when it just sort of.. happens. I was outside, in the dark with a guy near our friends but not in sight distance and we were about to walk back to the house when I got worried about leaving my closest friend, went to turn round and told him where I was going, he wrapped his arms round my waist and we were talking, then we both went quiet, smiled and kissed hehe so cute! :')

    dunno if he had to think about if I wanted it or not, but if she looks at your lips or seems to be closer to you then a girl is usually into it :) just try and read the moment :)



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  • I think it all depends on the situation. It's cute when he asks, because it just shows he's still shy about attacking and macking. However, sometimes we just want to be grabbed into a kiss. It also depends on whether it's in public or private and how she feels about PDA. My guy is like a kitten in public but a tiger behind closed doors. Awkward, but what can ya do? haha

  • You could try either getting real close to her face to face & look her in her eyes and see if she really wants to kiss you and you can tell when she's pounting her lips & trying to get more closer. Or just say your cute/hot compliment her & go in for a kiss. I had an xbf where we was walking home & he grab my arm & said I'm not letting you go home untill you kiss me lol. So maybe that.


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