Kiss on the first date?

Yes I know I just asked a quesiton about my date tomorrow, but I'm really excited! And I don't plan on kissing him (but I realllllllly want to!)

Do you kiss on the first date? Do you think it's ho-ish? And further more, would you kiss on the first date if it wasn't considered ho-ish by most people?

I would! I love kissing! But sadly a lot of people think it's slutty :/

  • I'm a girl, and I kiss on the first date
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  • I'm a girl, and I won't kiss on the first date
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  • I'm a guy, and I kiss on the first date
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  • I'm a guy, and I won't kiss on the first date
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Sorry for the cliche question! It totally didn't even occur to me how blahhh it is!


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  • I'll kiss her on the first date if the feelings are there.

    Otherwise, if there's something wrong, such as other people around, or the vibe isn't there yet, I won't kiss her yet.

    There's really no time constraint with this. There are no rules to dating. Any rules that one person, or the other follows, is pressure and bullsh*t.

    And those who end up thinking of you as a sl*t have a negative frame of mind. Stay away from them. You don't have to listen to their rules or regulations of what a proper/improper date is.

    • Right on brother! Who came up with these stupid rules anyway. Just do what feels right and is good for your specific situation.

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  • Do it, Megan! Who caaaares if its 'slutty'. You're better than that ;)

    Where I live its customary to kiss before dating - we have a phase that we teenagers called 'meeting' which is euphemic for making out with them on a regular basis, that precedes the dating phase. Not always, but its common. Don't know what the 'grown up' word for that phase is, but they do it too, its not just a teenage thing.

    Its usually pretty common, although not expected, to have fooled around once or twice, too. Dunno, different country, here. So I guess my answer doesn't count...

  • I don't leave without a kiss, if I'm not interested in kissing a girl on the first date then I won't even ask her out.

    It's not slutty, if you like him get close and let him kiss you. You'll have to hint to him that you want to be kissed, I don't know what this guy is like but if he's brave enough he'll go for it either way. But try to hint that you want to kiss.

    At the movies hold him tight, cross your leg over his, and lean your head on his shoulder. Once you get him comfortable cuddling up with you it'll be easier for him to move in for the kiss. Try whispering something in his ear during the movie letting your lips get really close, hope you get the idea here, good luck!

  • Every date I have ever been on which is one, I kissed on the first date. Kissing on the first date is a given imo.

  • I would kiss on a first date. If the girl I was with wanted to then I would hope that she would (if she finds the right moment) mostly because I hate all the unwritten rules about what you can and can't do in the dating world.

  • I dunno, I think it depends. If you've known the guy for awhile and are already close friends, no big deal. If they are relatively new in your life, you shouldn't. But it's not like it's THAT huge of a deal.

  • I'm probably not helpful, but I wouldn't do it unless she does. I've never kissed before. I'll vote C.

    • You need to start having some confidence

    • I don't have any reason to be confident. I know girls don't want me on my weight alone.

  • I would love to kiss ASAP. I just have to be careful not to freak her out.


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  • Who cares what people think! But you don't want him to think your easy, so see what he does but don't make the first move yourself. Have fun :D