Problem with flirty text messages?

Hi everyone, I have been going out with my Girlfriend for just over a year and she no longer flirts back with me by text. So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for flirty texts or how they start a texting conversation with their so. Or if anyone has any other ways of getting my girlfriend to flirt by text with me again. by the way we haven't slept together yet so I don't think anything too intimate is a good idea. So any good texts or ideas?


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  • id try to call her terms of endearment. Say something like "hey babe", "hey sweet face :)", "how was your day beautiful?", etc. be creative and have a sense of humor, make her laugh from your texts. Then when you know she's starting to like it, get a little bit more intimate step by step. Tell her how cute her butt looks when you see her walk, tell her your favorite features about her, etc.

    IF you do this right, she'll definitely flirt back. hope that helps.


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