How can I stop calling/texting him?

I have a boyfriend & we've been together about a yr & 1/2. Recently, I became attracted to a friend of his. Not a close friend but someone we see all the time. The other day I decided to let his friend know about my crush. He smiled & said he was flattered & we pretty much left it alone. Some time after that we started texting each other...flirting & so on. One day he cut it off abruptly & said he could not let things get any further because of his relationship w/ my bf. I let it go, but a few weeks after that I pursued him again & he was responsive again. We were talking & texting for a couple of weeks & even went on a date. Well, he has again cut me off out of guilt.

My problem is is that he cut me off completely as to not be tempted anymore. So he does not answer my calls or return my texts. This is only making me think more about him. How can I just get him out of my mind & stop calling/texting him?????


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  • You state that recently 'you became attracted' to a friend of your bf...Is it just a physical attraction? My suggestion would be to get a piece of paper and divided in two; on one side you write down the qualities that attract you to your bf, or the reasons as to why you're with your bf. On the other half, you write down what attracts you to his friend. If the bf side is greater than the friend's side of the list, then that should be reason enough for you to realize as to why you're in this relationship in the first place. If the opposite is true, maybe is time to reassess your current relationship. Is not like you can take a pill today and wake up tomorrow with the bf's friend out your mind. Unfortunately, as the cliche says, 'we all want what we can't have.' However, if you're in a relationship, and you still feel you're wanting somebody else, then is time to sit down and analyze what is it you want in a partner....good luck.


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  • If your boyfriend found himself attracted to one of your acquaintances, texted her, and continued to pursue her behind your back I'm guessing you'd be madder than hell. You're being unfaithful and have a decision to make. Maybe it is innocent fun, but apparently you need more attention than what you're getting from your current boyfriend- so much that instead of talking to him about what you need from him you're flirting with his friend.

    What is your ultimate goal in this situation? Do you want to stay with your boyfriend, but are just feeling neglected? Do you want to end things with your current boyfriend, but are worried about hurting him? Would you even be interested in this other guy if you didn't have a boyfriend or is he just filling some kind of attention void?

    Chances are if you break up with your current guy to pursue his friend it won't work out. You were unfaithful to your current boyfriend so what's to stop you from doing him the same way. Believe it or not guys notice things like that and as far as I know it's generally not a desirable trait.

    To end this ramble... Treat others the way you want to be treated. Put your crush aside and evaluate your current relationship. There's a reason why you're looking elsewhere. Figure it out and either decide to make it work with your current guy or break it off and enjoy being single for awhile. The crush may or may not be interested in you at that point, but at least you'll know you're being honest with yourself and not deceiving anyone in the process.

    Sorry if that didn't make a ton of sense, I'm only on my first cup of coffee. Hopefully you get the gist of what I'm trying to say :)

  • Apparently we have no problem and no remorse about cheating on your BF at all.

    So why keep holding on to your BF...get rid of him and then let this other guy know that you are now free. No, you don't want to do that, because you want to have your cake and your dessert at the same time.

    If you keep on the path you are on and your BF finds out, you may be left in the cold with no one at think about if your little 'lust' right now is really worth it.